The Lyme Maze Game

Daedalus escapes the maze


Universal Workshop



a game for an idle hour
a guide to Lyme Regis
an exploration of an environment
an excuse for a lot of sketches
a linkage of ideas

Lyme (more grandly known as Lyme Regis) is a little old seaport in southwestern England.

This is a game that can serve as a guide to Lyme (and a bit more). You'll find your way around by moving from page to page. The goal you're trying to reach is something called "The Cobb".

You've travelled (or traveled, if you're an American) a hundred and forty miles from London in the direction of Land's End, along a road that draws gradually nearer to the sea. There has been one magnificent view of the sea in the southwestern distance (from the long high chalk ridge west of Dorchester); then, after Bridport, a glimpse of it much nearer (before Chideock) and another (before Morcombelake) but still away down valleys. Then you come to a roundabout where you notice a curly road that slips off to the left and disappears up a hill.

The sign "Lyme Regis 2" tempts you, and you turn off.

Or, you hurry on along the A 35 highway, even though you may miss Lyme and be out of the game. (It's just possible you may get another chance.)

The signpost, by the way, means that the distance to Lyme is two miles, not two kilometers. Though official Britain tries to insist on the metric system, it has enough sense to realize that people still like miles. After all, who ever talked about "going the extra kilometer" or "A miss is as good as a kilometer" or "I've kilometers to go before I sleep"?