The Lyme Maze Game

Daedalus escapes the maze


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The Lister and Langmoor Gardens cover much of the hillside above the Marine Parade.

Langmoor is secluded ledges and exotic flowerbeds; Lister, on the west, is mostly open grassy slopes, an amphitheatre looking down on the harbour and on the events held in and around it. Here is part of the crowd watching Candles on the Cobb.

Why should we all, and especially women, bow down in honour, as these gardens do, to Joseph Lister?

At the top left of Lister Gardens—that is, at the west—there are miniature golf and table tennis and what used to be the Cliff Cottage tea garden but became, unfortunately for vegetarians, just another fish restaurant; and a road that climbs out—

Or at the top right—the northeast—a path leads to neighbouring Langmoor Gardens.