The Lyme Maze Game

Daedalus escapes the maze


Universal Workshop



Long Entry looks like a mere alley, going nowhere very far. So it is, now. But it is the stub of a highway: all that's left of what was once the road along the coast to Charmouth, the next town eastward.

The alley rises steeply (though you can ride up it) between tall buildings to a nearby skyline. By now you would, in earlier times, have been already outside the town and strolling, as the townspeople liked to do, in a large meadow overlooking the sea.

Here, around a modern apartment that tries to look like a lighthouse (and that is on the site of a former Methodist church), a path branches leftward to continue the climb.

Ahead, however, opens a broad bay, bounded by a distant line of magnificent cliffs. It is clear (at least, it is if you know it) that the sea has encroached inland, so that now Long Entry descends toward a quick end.