The Lyme Maze Game

Daedalus escapes the maze


Universal Workshop



I did (Guy Ottewell,

This maze is under construction and has a long way to grow. There are many pages yet to be created, so that as yet they are like doors that won't open. (A hint that may save time: when you rest the mouse cursor on a link, and the formula appearing in the "status bar" at the lower left of the screen says "notyet", that means the page doesn't yet exist.) I have much work to do in adding pictures, and in reworking them.

If you hover the mouse over some of the pictures, you will see earlier or later states of them.

There are routes you can penetrate on foot or bicycle but not by car.

There may be remarks about a street as you go in one direction along it, and others as you go in the other direction or at another time.

I tried (but only partially succeeded) to help you keep oriented by painting each picture about noon, so that the shadows would show which way is south.

Expect the unexpected way sometimes to be the through-way.

Yet, if you reach the goal, your reward will be to get an aerial view of the whole.