The Lyme Maze Game

Daedalus escapes the maze


Universal Workshop



This genus of maze could be called pagemaze. It has paper and electronic species.

The first one I made was at the age of about eleven. It was a book of pages each with a drawing of one approach to a junction of roads or footpaths, and a bit of story ending with an instruction such as "You take the lane down the hill toward the ford (turn to page 43). Or: You climb over the stile and run through the field with the bull in it (turn to page 7)." You were trying to get to the house of a friend, and there was a map at the end, showing the complex village in which you had become lost.

Later I began a huge novel that should be in this form.

Pagemazes have properties additional to those of other mazes. They can play tricks with—make sidesteps in—time and logic as well as space. They can tie topics together in some of the infinite ways they are tied together in the mind. The topology of this maze may be impossible to diagram.